School is back in session, we are slowly settling into the routines. Mornings are still chaotic at this point, who am I kidding, that may never change!  Evenings are still filled with tears over having to read.  As parents, we fully believe in torturing our littles by forcing them to escape into the pages of … More THE NOTE


The greatest gift she has ever given me is time. Our grandma turned 92 years young on Monday. That morning, I was trying to come up with the perfect gift to take her when I got off work that day to celebrate her birthday.  What do you buy a perfectly content woman who has everything … More 92 YEARS YOUNG


A few weeks ago, with some hesitation, I attended my 20-year class reunion.  As I have aged, somehow, I have obtained a wee bit of social anxiety…. let me tell you….in the hours leading up to this event it was at an all-time high! As I was getting ready for the evening, a thousand thoughts … More TWENTY YEARS


It was Monday afternoon around 1:00, sitting at my desk and I had the need to escape come over me.  I’m hopeful that some of you can relate, if not, maybe I’m just one spoon shy of a complete set of china… For the last couple of months, I have been in a funk, a … More MENTAL HEALTH DAY


As I was driving home last night, I realized that I seem to have this amazing ability of learning life lessons in the most awkward ways.  It was then that it dawned on me that perhaps I should start compiling these very important lessons and sharing them with the world monthly (or perhaps weekly), so … More NESSA’S LESSONS