I hear people say it all the time, including myself…tomorrow is a new day, another day, another chance.  But what if it’s not? What if today was it?

If we left this beautiful world tonight and traveled on to an even more beautiful place…Would we be happy with the thoughts that filled our head today?  The patience level that we had with our kiddos?  The way we responded to stressful situations at work? The way we treated every person that crossed our path?

If today was it, and we didn’t get a do over tomorrow, would we be proud of the person we were today? Why is that such a hard thing to remember and follow through with?

I woke up this morning and instead of instantly being grateful for another day, I started dwelling on, and beating myself up for something that happened yesterday. I was angry at myself, because I didn’t seize a simple opportunity to fulfill the request of my biggest little, an opportunity that cost nothing but my time.

The weather was beautiful yesterday.  He and I were heading home from work…as we passed the park, he said “Mommy, can we please stop and play for a little bit?”

My response to him was as follows….

How about we go tomorrow buddy?

We have a couple of errands to run right now….

We need to get home to take the dinner out of the crock pot….

Plus, your brother isn’t with us, and that wouldn’t be fair to go without him….

So we passed the park, and when I looked in the backseat several minutes later I saw the sadness in his eyes.

What in the world is wrong with me?

When I woke up this morning my instant thoughts were….What’s 20-30 minutes?

Why is it so hard for me to just forget the plan I had and be spontaneous with his one request?

I lost an opportunity there…. just by trying to follow a schedule and a to do list.

Once again, I was so busy just getting through the day – that I forgot to live the day I was in…. because, I am always thinking that we have tomorrow for a do over.

I think that most of us need to set our focus on what we want to be in life, the impact we want to make, the legacy we want to leave. Because we may only have just today to make it happen.  A successful life does not equate to money in the bank…at least not to me.   Every person should strive to fill their purpose/definition of being successful. We should move through each day trying to fulfill that purpose.   Raising two happy children.  Starting an organic farm.  Becoming a writer. Filling days with kindness to others. Being an inspiration. There is a purpose for everyone…

My purpose in life is to raise two little boys into great men.  Men who care for others, go after their dreams, know their purpose, love life and those around them, be spontaneous, and for them to know, without a doubt, that they had a Mommy who loved them with every inch of her heart and soul.

I need to get a tattoo on my wrist that says “what if today’s it?” I think for now, I’ll just go make a bracelet that says it, because I obviously need a constant reminder.  If I am going to fulfill my purpose, I need to do all of those things today that instill that in them….in case there is no tomorrow.

Today, we will go to the park and play! What will you do today?




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