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This morning, I was working in my office (OK, it’s a closet…but, whatever) when I began to hear the rain quietly patter against the windows. Praise be to God, rain!  I exited my chair and walked out to the deck to move my almost lifeless flowers out into Mother Nature’s watering can.  Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed this little squirrel frantically moving about the yard in the pouring down rain.

I stood for several minutes and watched him as he went from one spot to another, gathering whatever it was he was gathering, moving swiftly into the forest, and back out again…over and over and over. I watched in awe as he meticulously went to work, paying no attention to his rain soaked coat or his wet feet.

“Wonder where the others are?”, I thought. And then it dawned on me, they are probably safe, in their homes, watching the rain from a distance, thankful that they are warm and dry.  And they are probably snickering at the fact that their furry friend has no sense to come in out of the rain….

But are they right?  My first thought was to think that the little squirrel, must be the true definition of a squirrel, moving about in an inquisitive and restless manner, without enough sense to go hide from the rain…and then, I realized, that little squirrel is the smart one!

You see, not one other squirrel was anywhere to be seen this morning, but here this little guy was…

Regardless of the storm that was brewing….

Regardless of the rain….

Regardless of the wet grass….

Regardless of the fact that he was soaking wet….

Regardless of the thoughts of his other furry friends….

He didn’t care. He viewed that exact moment as an opportunity.  While the others were playing it safe, he was out there weathering the storm.  No competition, no second guessing, he was battling for what he wanted and needed.

I went to the window several times over the next hour…and he was still there, working away.

This rainy morning, a little brown rodent running around my yard, so carefree, and soaking wet, taught me something. We should all be a little squirrely!  He wasn’t going to let a little bit of rain stop him from the plans that he woke up with this morning, he made a choice to rise above.

The storms come….it’s just a part of life.  We can choose to power through, gathering our nuts, on the road to completing our mission, or we can hide until the storm passes.  I truly believe, that those who succeed, those that overcome, those that live happiest…. are those that push through the storms and don’t hide in the shadows cast upon them by the clouds.

Whatever is holding you back today or tomorrow, whatever dreams you have for yourself, whatever you want out of life….be the squirrel.  Not the ones that were playing it safe and staying dry, be the little guy who risked it all to go after what he truly wanted!  Remember to dance in the rain like he did while you are there.

Happy hump day my friends, squirrel on!


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