Hello, my friends, it’s been a minute since I’ve had the time to write, sometimes life gets us that way. Today I’m back with a message that I wanted to share in hopes that it would resonate with one of you.

Each year, on January 1st, and on my birthday, I chose a word that I want to focus on until the next year when those dates roll around again. For my birthday, I chose “Embrace”, I’ve been working hard at that! In the days leading up to the new year, I sat with myself and did some reflecting on what I did in 2017, and what I wanted to change to make 2018 even better.

I discovered something about myself in those quiet moments alone…in 2017 I set many goals and intentions, but I found a common theme with most of them. The theme was if I didn’t do things as perfectly as I had planned out in my crazy mind, then I considered it a failure, and instead of brushing off the dust and pushing up my sleeves to try again, I just quit. I quit because I had failed, and since I failed myself, and my sense of perfection, in my mind there was no redemption.

This year, I’m changing that. My perception of perfection will change. My failures, will no longer be an excuse to quit trying all together. My word for 2018 is “Consistently”. I will consistently focus on my goals and intentions, and when failures and shortcomings arise, instead of quitting, I will forgive myself and try again.

In 2018:

  • I am praising and thanking God multiple times each day for the blessings and the miracles that he constantly surrounds me with.
    • If life throws me a day that sucks buckets, and I chose to wallow in self-pity – I will look for all the good that remains, and continue to be thankful. I will forgive myself, and try again.
  • I am more present and intentional on being a loving, patient, and amazing wife daily. I am stopping to listen, showing interest, and appreciation.
    • If he leaves the laundry in a pile next to the clothes hamper, or the drawers and doors open when he finishes retrieving whatever it was he was after (flipping drives me crazy!), or he tries to educate me on a subject that is above my head and I have no desire to learn…if an eye roll accompanied by a growl rolls out as it normally does, I will forgive myself, and try again.
  • I am easily being a loving, calm, present, caring, patient, and inspirational Mama. I am talking and listening more, and telling less.
    • When they refuse to rise and shine when we only have five minutes to get out the door, or state, “I’m hungry” for the fiftieth time while I’m in the middle of making dinner, or provide a perfectly timed eye roll when I politely ask them to do something, or turn each room into what looks like an episode of hoarders as soon as I have finished cleaning it…causing me to lose my shit…I will forgive myself, and try again.
  • I am honoring my temple; I am focused on healthier eating, drinking more water, and moving my body.
    • If a day presents itself in a manner that the only thing that will make me feel better is pounding a Big Mac, a brownie, and chasing it with a Pepsi…or If the only exercise I want to do for the day is to cross the room to retrieve the remote control, I will forgive myself, and try again.
  • I am incorporating fun in everyday life. I am laughing, hugging, and loving every day.
    • The days come, they do…when you don’t want to laugh, or talk, or love. When they do, I will accept them, move through them, forgive myself, and try again.
  • I am organized, efficient, and successful in my efforts. I am focusing on the task at hand and completing it before moving on to the next. I am not overwhelmed.
    • Reality, on the daily, I chase shiny balls more than a dog chases tennis balls. I will forgive myself, and try again.
  • I am giving to others daily, I am compassionate, I am calm, and understanding.
    • When the meaners show up in my life, and I silently repeat negativity and cuss words in my head…I will forgive myself, and try again.
  • I am creative and free. I am writing, and making, and passionately living what I love.
    • The days show up, when I’m sad, and stuck, and hard on myself…when they do, I will forgive myself and try again.

In 2018, I will consistently do all the above. We can’t all be perfect, or can we? A sweet friend at work the other day said something that resonated with me…” Change your perception of perfect.” Wow, talk about an eye opener! Perfect is in the eye of the beholder, I won’t get it all right all the time, but I can be consistent, forgive myself, see it as perfect in the moment, and try again.

I hope you too can consistently change your perception of perfect, and be kinder to yourself in 2018.

What does 2018 have in store for you? I’d love for you to comment what goals you have, the best thing we can do is lend support, we rise by lifting and supporting others!

I hope this year brings to you, all the blessings and love that you deserve! Cheers, my friends!



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