Her Next Adventure Has Arrived! Worry Wand The Adventures of Izzy Grace


Worry wand

I am the Queen of one thing…worry.  I could have been the queen of wisdom, a beauty queen, or the queen of damn near anything, but I am not…I possess the crown of worry and I wear it every day.

I’m happy to announce that Izzy Grace is back with an important message for all ages, inspired by my own personal experience that I felt the need to share.  In Worry Wand, Izzy stumbles upon a “worry wand” that creates a shield and changes her perspective on worrying.

I have always been a worrier, I am confident that it is engraved in my DNA.  After I had the littles the worrying seemed to be magnified x 1000.  I worry about the hubster, the littles, my family, my friends, even strangers that I see going through something difficult.  If you are a worrier, you know how exhausting it can be.

If I went into the million worries that can randomly pop into my head on the daily, you would think I was off my rocker.  Typically, when a tiny worry sneaks in, I immediately jump to worse case scenario. I’m learning these days, when I start to worry to replace the worry with prayer. It’s so tragic…to waste time with worry.

I felt the need to share my message with children through Izzy; often, children can also be consumed with worry that they are too afraid to share, and they can’t always process and communicate what they are feeling as easily as adults can…I know personally that it was difficult for me as a child. Although the worries that children encounter, may not be as significant in our eyes as those that adults experience sometimes, to them they are, and to them, they are just as valid as our worries.

The funny thing about worry is that it doesn’t change anything but our ability to live in the present moment.  Worrying is painful and restrictive, it keeps us from experiencing things that we know deep down will bring us joy.  Like writing… I love to write, but I’ve not posted a blog in over two months…why? Because I’ve worried that I’m being judged, that someone will throw out the eye roll and think “oh, her again, yippee”, that what I share lacks value, and would be a waste of people’s time.

I frequently have to remind myself that worrying about things going wrong, is not the way to make things go right.  I’m lucky enough to have my own personal “worry wand”, my hubster inspires me each day to worry less and live more. So, I’m sharing through Izzy, the message to be brave, to whack those worries away and replace them with positive thoughts.

As Janis Joplin said, “You can destroy your now by worrying about tomorrow.”  Man, oh man how I have destroyed some “now” moments by worrying about what is to come! The message that Izzy brings is that worrying is a waste of time and steals the joy that you should be embracing here and now. Through Izzy, I want to encourage everyone to replace their worries and fears with the alternative, presence, joy, and peace.

Thank you all for your support, I love reaching kiddos through Izzy! She is pretty special to me 😊

The Worry Wand is available on Amazon.  I have also ordered several copies and will be announcing a book signing soon with both copies of Izzy’s messages available for purchase!  😊


I hope you have an amazing, worry free weekend! 🙂



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