School is back in session, we are slowly settling into the routines. Mornings are still chaotic at this point, who am I kidding, that may never change!  Evenings are still filled with tears over having to read.  As parents, we fully believe in torturing our littles by forcing them to escape into the pages of … More THE NOTE


I hear people say it all the time, including myself…tomorrow is a new day, another day, another chance.  But what if it’s not? What if today was it? If we left this beautiful world tonight and traveled on to an even more beautiful place…Would we be happy with the thoughts that filled our head today?  … More WHAT IF TODAY IS IT?


Yesterday during a conversation with co-workers regarding the recent increased volumes of hate and violence that seem to be occurring all around us today, I made a statement that I now wish I could take back.  I stated, in times like these that I felt selfish and sad for bringing children into the world. This morning … More BE THE CHANGE