A few weeks ago, with some hesitation, I attended my 20-year class reunion.  As I have aged, somehow, I have obtained a wee bit of social anxiety…. let me tell you….in the hours leading up to this event it was at an all-time high! As I was getting ready for the evening, a thousand thoughts … More TWENTY YEARS


Most people I know have a bucket list. They are fun. They keep us focused on things that we want to accomplish. They provide us with challenge and whimsy. But they can also be unforgettable, I mean really unforgettable! I have several things on my bucket list. Some I have accomplished, some currently left undone, … More BUCKET LIST…FAIL


Tomorrow, I turn 37.  Blessed and thankful. Brace yourselves – this is a long and windy one! As I shamefully stated in my very first blog, in April of 2015 I experienced a huge failure.  That failure started a movement in me…you see, that day I realized that I had not just failed “the test”; … More FIND YOUR UNICORN