It was Monday afternoon around 1:00, sitting at my desk and I had the need to escape come over me.  I’m hopeful that some of you can relate, if not, maybe I’m just one spoon shy of a complete set of china… For the last couple of months, I have been in a funk, a … More MENTAL HEALTH DAY


I hear people say it all the time, including myself…tomorrow is a new day, another day, another chance.  But what if it’s not? What if today was it? If we left this beautiful world tonight and traveled on to an even more beautiful place…Would we be happy with the thoughts that filled our head today?  … More WHAT IF TODAY IS IT?


Every year, as the leaves begin to transform from various shades of green to vibrant arrays of yellow, orange, and brown I start the process of preparing for the cold months ahead. As part of my preparation, I bring my prized outdoor plants into the basement where they can live safely and warm throughout the … More JANUARY BLOOMS